Small Group Leaders

This is a resource page for small group / home group leaders.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the content we have on the website for the Bible Reading Plan, so that you can point your group to the resources.

The website address is

On the tabs at the top of the page, there is one titled "Bible". That is where you will find an overview of our heart for reading through the Bible this year, to help our family with seeing the overall epic story of God.  There are links on that page, as well as the drop down menu on the "Bible" tab for each month's reading plan. The direct link to the Bible page is:

On each month's page, there is a complete reading plan with links to the scripture passages on Biblegateway, links to the videos, and links to the small group weekly curriculum.  There is also a link to a downloadable pdf file of the month's reading plan. Each month can be reached from the "Bible" tab, or if you want direct links, they will look like this: with the url changing with each month's name (February has february at the end of the url instead of january. Not all the months are on the website yet!)

The complete small group curriculum which goes along with our Bible Reading Plan for 2018 is linked below. Please note that this material is a guideline. You can use it (or parts of it) however it fits with your small group. Every group has a different personality and what works for one group, may not work for another. 

The year long curriculum is divided into four segments of roughly 11-12 weeks. The original curriculum was designed by Crazy Love Ministries and at the end of each segment, they did a "review / how are we doing?" type of lesson. (You could even use this week as a potluck time with your group). We have edited some of the material to better fit our church body as our family has a much different personality than their church family. Feel free to edit / change / or leave out anything that doesn't fit well with your group.  

Lessons 1-10 Lessons 11-22 Lessons 23-34 Lessons 35-52

The curriculum starts each week with a listing of the scriptures that will be read that week from the Bible Reading Plan. Please don't be concerned if the readings don't exactly match for the date of your small group. Groups will meet on different days of the week, and the only way the materials would match exactly is if we all met on the exact same day. It's a guideline, not a rule. 

Also listed at the beginning of the lesson is the minimum resources needed for that week. For example, maybe you have someone in your group who is not doing the read through the Bible plan. The curriculum will list perhaps 2-3 chapters that a person should read during the week that pertains to the discussion. Those chapters are contained within the Reading Plan, so those who are reading through the Bible will have covered them.  

The reading plan includes videos from The Bible Project ( It is not necessary to watch the videos in your small group time. You can if you desire, but the curriculum doesn't require it. We do suggest you personally watch the videos as they give overviews of each book, and various themes in scripture - and then you will know what those of your group who are participating fully will be viewing.