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Small Group Leaders Material

Epic - Every Story has a hero

The Epic Story of God

There are two main approaches to daily Bible reading: intimacy and familiarity.  Intimacy comes through slow, meditative reading that focuses on small portions of scripture. It often happens in sermons, small groups, and devotionals.  

Familiarity with the Bible comes through a faster reading of much larger portions - the entire sweep of the biblical narrative - the epic story of God. While we most often read the Bible looking for ourselves, the Bible reveals the nature of God.  We learn who we are and where we are headed and what we should be doing only in light of the Hero of the Epic.  Our lives makes sense as we place them in God’s Story, as we learn to think rightly about Him.

There is great benefit in knowing the Bible as a whole (familiarity) and in knowing the most important parts in detail (intimacy). We hope that you will join us this year as we pursue familiarity with the epic story of God in our daily Bible reading, and pursuing intimacy through sermons, and as we meet in small groups to study more in depth portions we have read.

We trust that when we meet the Hero of this story, our lives will never be the same.

Why "Read Scripture"?

This is a community project

You need to share what God is saying to you and have others share what God is saying to them. Consider joining a small group as we study God's Word together. If you can't be in a small group, find one or two friends and share how you are doing with your Bible reading and what God is teaching you. Just knowing that someone else will be checking with you will help you be more disciplined in your reading, but it will also help your relationships grow deeper.

We have two Facebook Groups available for discussion and encouragement:
Public Group: First E Read Scripture
Ladies Group: Contact Connie Miller and she will add you. email

Don’t give up

Just because you miss a meal, you don't give up on eating. You just make sure you don't miss the next meal. You may miss days reading, sometimes multiple days. Tell God you're sorry for missing, and press on in knowing Him.  If it's too much to try to catch up, just jump in on today's reading and continue on from there. It's not about being perfect in our reading schedule. It's about getting to know God better and growing our relationship with Him.

There are many ways to participate in the reading plan

We will provide two printed reading schedules each month. The main plan is reading every chapter and verse throughout the year, 2 - 3 chapters and a Psalm daily. We have also provided a "Modified/Student" plan. The modified plan is designed for your children and students to be able to read along with the whole church family. There are fewer readings, but it still covers the major stories. This is also an option for adults who are unable to keep up the faster pace. Again, it's not about being perfect in your reading, but making progress in your discipline and getting to know God better.

The reading plan is also available on our website, with links to The Bible Project's videos which will help you understand the scope of each book of the Bible and some major themes. Included are links to the small group material that goes along with the scripture readings. You can download the files and utilize the questions in your personal study as well as your small group.

There are links to the scripture passages which will take you to Bible Gateway's website. They have many Bible versions to choose from and many of them include audio.

Audio - Listening to the scripture being read while you are reading can be a great help in staying focused. It can help deepen your understanding as you add another sense (hearing) into your reading.  Audio Bibles can also help you take it "on the go" with you as you are walking or driving in the car.


Read Scripture- created by Crazy Love Ministries was designed a couple of years ago. It will follow the reading plan fairly closely (it has an extra day for leap year). It's limitations are that it is only available in the ESV version, it doesn't have every video from The Bible Project (since many were created after the app was made). The scripture is not downloadable (which means you have to be connected to the internet to read), and there is no audio available.

YouVersion - YouVersion is an app which includes many versions of the Bible and many reading plan options. YouVersion has many versions of the Bible which are downloadable (you can read offline). Some versions have audio as well.

Email - another option is to sign up on The Bible Project's website to receive a weekly email with the scriptures and videos linked. It will email out on the day of the week you sign up, so ideally you will want to sign up the end of December.  The limitation to this method is that not all of the videos are included since they have created more videos after creating the reading plan.

Whatever you choose, however you choose to participate, we are excited about what God is going to do in each of our lives and in our church family!