Sunday, December 6, 1:30pm


Download the Proposed Budget and Proposed Ballot here:

To provide social distancing and help protect our church family during the pandemic, Our 2020 Business meeting will be held online, Sunday, December 6 at 1:30 pm. Join us online and hear how we've been adjusting and improving things in the midst of the Covid-19 Pandemic and what our plans are for 2021. Those attending the meeting online will be able to vote on the proposed ballot and budget for 2021.  

The meeting will be held on Zoom, with voting through polling software via links in the Zoom Chat. Your best option is to access the meeting on a computer or a device (tablet, smart phone) that will allow you to open an internet browser (such as chrome). You will need access to an internet browser to vote. If zoom is new to you, please feel free to email joy@firste.org and she will set up a one on one practice session with you so you feel comfortable on Sunday. 

Meeting Agenda

- Welcome to the business meeting
- Overview of zoom guide
- Prayer
- Big picture from 2020 so far, and 2021 moving forward
- 2021 budget overview
- Vote on budget
- Ministry team overview
- Vote on ministry teams
- Trustee overview
- Vote on trustees
- Encouragement and prayer

Meeting Procedures
- All members aside from leadership will be muted to eliminate background distractions (such as barking dogs, crying kids, etc.)
- To Ask a question please use the chat feature on zoom. (Click on "Chat" and type in your question). 
- Questions will be answered at the end of a segment of discussion
- There will be three votes, 1. For the budget, 2. For the ministry teams, 3. For trustees. A link will be sent in the chat feature on zoom when a vote is called for. You will be able to click on the link and vote.

Proposed Budget and Proposed Ballot
Since we aren't meeting in person, we can't hand out copies of the Budget and Ballot for you. Please download the proposed budget and proposed ballot so you can review them prior to the meeting. (File links at the top of this page)

You can download them at

Zoom Tips

- Join the meeting a few minutes early so you are ready to go. Please use a screen name that is easy for us to recognize so we can admit you more quickly to the meeting. If we don't recognize your name we will ask you to text or email us. This is to help prevent "zoom bombers" from causing problems in our room.
- Make sure your speakers are turned on so you can hear
- If you prefer to see just the person who is speaking, move your mouse over the zoom screen and click on "speaker view" or "Gallery view" at the top of your screen. Speaker view will show the person who is speaking in a large window. Gallery view shows images of up to 25 attendees on one screen.
- Have your downloaded copy of the budget and ballot on hand so you can easily see what is being discussed

Zoom link
The zoom room link has been emailed to our church email list. We are not posting the link publicly to help keep the room secure from potential disruptors. If you did not receive the link and wish to attend, please email Joy at joy@firste.org and she will send you a link.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. These unusual times call for unusual ways of meeting and accomplishing the business of our church family.

See you Sunday!