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High School

At First E we want high school students to understand how much they're loved,

who they are in Christ, and that their lives have purpose.  We want

to see this generation become passionate followers of Jesus Christ.

High School Youth Group Wednesdays @ 7pm

Senior High Summer 2022
May 27: Friday Night Hang Out
June 12: Beach Trip
June 22-23: White Water Rafting
July 5-9: Work Trip to Silverwood, ID
July 13: Outdoor Movie Night
July 16-21: Kids Camp (Counselors) $50
July 31-Aug 5: Triangle Lake Camp $200
Aug 14: Seattle Trip
Aug 17: Day Hike
Sept 2-5: Family Camp

To register for High School Summer Camp in Triangle Lake, OR (July 31 - Aug. 5), please click the following link...

The camp is for High School incoming Freshman through the graduating High School Senior Class of 2022!
Make sure to enter promo code... FIRSTE100
...upon checkout, to have $100.00 immediately taken off the price!